My gateman Jacob is the only friend I have and that’s why I bought him an iPhone 6’ -Bobrisky

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Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky who just got his gateman Jacob and iPhone 6, revealed that he’s the only friend he has because he is very loyal.

Bobrisky who also revealed that he wants a new friend whose bill he won’t mind paying, wrote;

“I just wanna remain beautiful I need a good friend I can always gist with, I don’t mind traveling with him/her too……I can pay ur ticket and hotel, someone who can party with me .

Honestly I don’t keep friends because I noticed dey get jealous  I don’t know  y. The only close friend I have now is JACOB my gateman cos he is a loyal servant.d iPhone 6 I bought for him is not enough for his kindness and honesty.

My BAE monitor me through him a lot but he is a loyal boy.”

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