After God, it’s my husband- Mercy Johnson

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Mercy Johnson-Okojie, a popular Nollywood actress who is fond of always publicly displaying love with her husband, Prince Okojie, on social media, has described him as the “closest thing after God’s existence” in her life.

In a an interview with Nigerian Tribune, the mother of 3 also said his husband is a saint.

“My husband is a saint. He is everything. My husband that is satisfied with by your body, but he always prefer to communicate with your sour. He is very lovable.

The Nollywood actress also double as the Senior Special Assistant to the Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, on entertainment, arts and culture.

She continues, “My husband is everything good in packed in one person. He is just unexplainable!

“The closest thing after the existence of God is my husband. He may not be perfect, but love this man too much”.

Mercy further declaring praises for the love of her life, said, she is crazy about her husband and could not find words to explain him. “I just do all things that makes him happy”, the love-stricken actress said.

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