Davido hit back at critics that he spends his father’s money calling…”We bought dad a ₦409m car for his birthday”

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Davido is arguably one of Africa’s biggest artist right now and he has continued to grow with every new music he drops.

Following his break out single “Dami Duro”, which took the world by storm in 2011, Davido has been on a roll ever since. His latest single ‘IF’ is currently topping charts.

Davido is known to live a lavish lifestyle, which people think he can’t afford on his own and spends his father’s money.. But he has made it clear in an Interview with Guardian Life, that he indeed spends his own money.

He said: “You know they always attack me, people always say shit about me but I always hit them back with the music, which is the most important thing. People always say my dad is giving me money when was the last time my dad gave me money? All the kids came together, we bought our dad a N409 million car for his birthday.”

He also talked about his Sony deal, Baby Mama dramas, and more. Read excerpts below:

On his deal with Sony: First of all, I didn’t even want to take the deal because I didn’t need it. I was doing tours all over Africa with 50,000 to 80,000, people so it was like why am I signing the deal? They tried to fix me up with a producer and I decided to come home, but I’m still signed to them, it’s going good. They have realized how much potential is here because even when I am all over the world it is my African songs that even the oyibo people f*** with.

On his collaboration with Tinashe: They tried to change my music, which I wasn’t happy about. Tinashe is a talented artiste but it wasn’t my style. The collaboration was as a result of the Sony deal. Don’t get me wrong, Tinashe is a talented artist but it wasn’t my style. My style is just the Nigerian style like I said before, I can’t sing American music pass Chris Brown and Chris Brown cannot come and sing Nigerian music pass me.

On making music for the African market: I had to look at what I had, which was a whole continent. That is what all of those guys in America want. When you’re over there all of them want to be here. We need to just know what we are worth.

On his baby mama drama: All those people out there saying I have too many babies, do you know how many babies they have killed? At least I can confidently say I have never told any girl to have an abortion. I am not saying having a baby without marriage is good, but to me babies are blessings.

On his goal as a musician: My goal would be to keep doing what I am doing and get to that legend status. I want to bring up other artists like Mayorkun, who dropped his single Sade. I am 24 now, I cannot be doing music when I’m 30, I’ll probably drop two albums after this but I want to be done by the time I’m 29 or 30. I want to have a big media house and go into other things like filming. I know eight presidents personally so you can imagine what I can do, like youth empowerment.

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