Show host Trevor Noah Mocks South Africa’s President Zuma on the Daily Show; South Africans react

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CfWfY8eW4AAe90oOn April 1, The Daily Show Host Trevor Noah took to Twitter to prepare his countrypeople on how he intends to diss their President Jacob Zuma on his show.

“Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’ve, stolen more than just your money…” – Justin Zuma,” Noah tweeted and it earned massive response from people who found it hilarious and sadly reflective of South Africa’s ongoing national drama.

Recall that President Zuma narrowly escaped being impeached after it was revealed that he spent $15million from government funds in renovating his home. Now on The daily Show, Noah introduced Zuma to Americans, mocked him for not knowing how to count, and then talked about the home renovation scandal. Then Noah also talked about African presidents who loot government purses.

But the comedian didn’t end at that. He also compared this with the raging #Panamapapers which has exposed western figureheads who loot, too. According to the South African show host, Africans are not the only ones stealing; the western public officers do, too, if you know where to look.

You can watch the clip here:

But there are mixed reactions from South Africans on social media. To some, it is shameful that Trevor Noah mocked their president. To this group, the show host sold ‘his soul to the West’. But, to some others, the episode was simply truthful and hilarious.

See some of them in screenshot below:

trevo and zuma3 trevo and zuma2 trevo and zuma

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