Buhari never ask ministers to publicly declare assets

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Osinbajo and Buhari

Osinbajo and Buhari

The yet to be inaugurated ministers may not be required to declare their assets publicly as done by President Buhari and Vic-President Osinbajo, a close source to the Presidency disclosed.

The ministers-designate, quoting part of the Code of Conduct Bureau, had earlier said they are only required to declare their assets to the bureau and not compulsory to do so to the public. “It is not necessary to emulate Buhari and Osinbajo”, Ibrahim Jibril, one of the ministers-designate from Nasarawa State had said last week. But this looks like sharp divergence from the campaign promises of Mr. Buhari the masses are held on to.

Presidential source has also concurred with above statements. The source who preferred to be anonymous said yesterday that the Presidency can not require from the minister-designate what is above the constitutional requirement in the matters of asset declaration.

He said: “What does the law require? Whatever the law requires is what we expect them to be doing? Does the law require it?”

Buhari had reiterated plan to flush out corruption and make transparency the order of the day, that himself and anyone that will work with him in his administration will have to declare their assets publicly.

Although, Buhari can’t be linked to any statement that assets declaration will be public. “So right now, all heads of state and government, governors, ministers, permanent secretaries will have to declare their assets because it is a constitutional requirement”, Buhari had said while addressing journalists  on a state visit in Ghana in September; but nothing like publicly in his statement! And I guess, they are having a win-win situation here!

Nevertheless, if public officers feels they have nothing to hide, why not make their assets public instead of declaring it to CCB alone?

The ministers-designate has also declared plan to work free for the nation since Mr buhari has made the statement that Nigeria is broke and could not afford to pay all the 36 cabinet members.

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