We’re Ready To Work For Free, Say Buhari’s Ministers

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After President Muhammadu Buhari made the statement that the country is broke and may not be capable of paying all the ministers, some of the ministers-designate has declared intentions of working without been paid salaries.

Though the ministers-designate are yet to be assigned a particular portfolio, but some of ready to serve without pay even as the Federal Executive Council will be constituted soon. One of ministers, a legal practitioner and human rights activist, Mr. Adebayo Shittu from Oyo State, said what really matter of financial benefit but the willingness to serve.

He said, “It is an issue of national service. There is nothing too much to sacrifice. If that is what our situation in Nigeria demands, then we must put ourselves up selflessly. We cannot say because of selfishness, we cannot work selflessly.

“With my background as somebody from a very humble family, I know what poverty is and I have been experiencing it. I have been dogged in conforming to the dictates of politics and poverty. There is nothing too much to sacrifice for the service of our people.”

Another minster, a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, also said everything is not about money. “It is a great honour to serve one’s fatherland”, he said. Adding that he’s ready to serve Nigeria without collecting salaries.

“Everything is not about money. It is a privilege and a great honour to serve. This is what he was doing at his former school. He was paying some teachers employed to complement government’s efforts.
“He is not driven by money but passion to make positive impact in the nation in whatever capacity.”

The past governor of Rivers State, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, also said he did not accept to be a minister for personal and pecuniary gains.

Amaechi, who spoke through his former aide, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, explained that he was interested in the development of Nigeria

He said, “If he (President Buhari) has not said that he would not pay ministers, the question of whether he (Amaechi) will work for free should not be necessary. We know that we are currently dealing with hard times. For us as a country, we will manage our cost.
“He (Amaechi) has never run for anything because he is looking for money. His interest is in the development of Nigeria.”
Another minister-designate, Mr. James Ocholi, said he will not run away from challenges.

He said, “I will not run away from challenges. If the first challenge in the new assignment is to solve the financial crisis of the federation, I will be willing to devote time and attention to solving it before any other national issue.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Buhari has come under heavy criticism for saying Nigeria is broke. In a statement released by PDP through it National Publicity Secretary, it condemned President for saying Nigeria is broke, saying the statement is de-marketing Nigeria as it will discourage investors and speak ill about the potentials of the nation.

Source: Punch

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